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Yamato solid tyres are used by various industries in the world. Having over 20 years of experience in the rubber industry has helped the company to be one of the leading solid tyre providers within Sri Lanka and globally. We are always delighted to help our customers with unique specifications for their products with the expertise possessed by us regarding the industry through research and development. Constant use of innovative technology in the solid tyre manufacturing process has enabled us to keep a close connection with the international market as well.

Following are a few sectors where Yamato products are being used.

Manufacturing, Logistics

Solid tyres for Forklift (Diesel/Electronic), Reach Type Forklift, Bobcat, Tow Tractor


Solid tyres for Container Trailer, Reach Stacker, Container Handler


Solid tyres for Passenger Boarding Bridge, Dolly, Belt Loader

Ship building, Construction

Solid tyres for Ship Carrier, Cherry Picker, Sissors Lift, Excavator Skid Loader, Slag Pot Transporter


Solid tyres for several agricultural machinery including Tractors


Solid tyres for leisure related vehicles such as ATV Buggies


Solid tyres for Excavators, Grades, Industrial Tractors

Material Handling

Solid tyres for Forklifts, Reach type Forklifts


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Renowned for providing quality solid tyre solutions for over 20 years.

A customer-centric organization managed by experts in the field.

Availability of a comprehensive range of solid tyres.

Guarantees solid tyres specially designed for high dynamic stability and durability.

Reliable manufacturing and infrastructure that grant customers resiliency and safety.

Strives for excellence through research and innovation.

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We have built long term partnerships with our clients and our clients come from a variety of industries and sectors.

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More on Yamato

Yamato solid tyres are characterized by its unique tread design, together with its formula of special natural rubber compounds with heat, cut and abrasion resistance attributes. Our range of solid tyres offer remarkable quality and great value.

In addition, Yamato solid tyres are specially designed for high dynamic stability, high abrasion, cut resistance and also offer low rolling reluctance, maximizing the energy efficiency. High versatility and significant load carrying capacity has enabled these solid tyres to be used in many applications while they can be easily mounted and dismounted as well.

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